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For over 12 years Debra Cornacchia has been passionately active in being an advocate and recovery coach for teens and young adults struggling with depression and Self Injurious Behavior. 

She believes that secrets grow in the dark and when brought into the light...YOU can be set free.​ Debra has a unique way of sharing her own story and bringing hope, freedom and encouragement. 

She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and has an Advanced Diploma in Biblical Counseling from Light University as well as having studied with Fathers Heart Ministry.

Contact Debra today to schedule a one on 1 recovery coaching session.We look foward to chatting with you. 

 Text /  Call  914.393.1904  or 803.570.2061

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Door of Hope 4 Teens  is a  safe place to talk about your  struggles and  emotions. We  offer a free texting HOPE  line for teens and young adults who are seeking help. Our hope line is confidential and you can reach us no matter where you live.

In addition to our texting line we  have a recovery coaching program. Reach us today through texting or phone call to schedule a FaceTime meeting. 

Contact us today and  sign up for personal coaching  that will provide help and a plan of action for your recovery.  You can stop self-harm and develop new coping skills. We have helped thousands of young  people just like you. Your not alone......and  we believe that you can overcome cutting, depression and thoughts of suicide. Never lose hope:)

Our staff will listen to your story and never judge you.

Texting Line: 


Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday

8:30 - 10 PM EST

Email: doorofhope4teens@gmail.com


914 393.1904 or 803.570.2061

Let's change the focus from self-harm to recovery!


Our trained recovery coaches can help you discover new ways to cope.

We listen and do not judge:)

How Do I Begin?

Contact us today and we will give you information about our texting HOPE Line  and recovery coaching sessions.

 HOPE is Here...Hope is NOW

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Who Do I Call?

Text:   803  570~2061

Call: 914 393~1904

Email: doorofhope4teens@gmail.com

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Hope is NOW

We are not a SUICIDE hotline.  If this is an emergecy please contact 911

Door of Hope 4 Teens & Young Adults

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